Welcome to www.ZigiFly.com!
Hi-tech toys store, rc cars models, planes, rc boats and other gadgets, battery, charger Parkside.

We are located in Bulgaria, Sofia.

In ZigiFly we sell the newest high-tech toys and models, as well as innovative, logical and entertaining games:
• RC airplanes, boats, speedboats, cars, submarines and more.
• Constructors, puzzles, games, robots

Bulgaria, EU
Sofia 1000
Iskar 55 Str.
Tel: +359 2 9836313; + 359 2 9831601; +359 896 66 56 83

Email: service@bushona.com


Our other business:

• More information about us and our ability to repair and to make developments at http://www.bushona.com/index-en.html and http://www.pixelgate.eu/English.Home.aspx

Customer Care:
If you are in Bulgaria or abroad and need assistance in buying or repair of high-tech toy, contact us by email: service@bushona.com. Please provide a phone number also, and our colleague will call you.

More information about us at http://www.bushona.com/en/.


Our company team consists of 10 people. We have:
– online store: www.zigifly.com
– service for repair of electronics http://www.bushona.com/
We are warranty service for the part of Parkside devices.
From Zigifly you can could buy battery and charger for your Parkside Lidl device.

Projects related to surveillance, security and measurements. Projects supporting initiatives such as: http://www.xprize.org/ and http://www.googlelunarxprize.org/
• We have developed our own radio-controlled platform, a RC car with size 60 cm x 70 cm with a height of 40 cm and a carrying capacity up to 130 kg.

The practical use of the platform: for demonstration purposes, for mounting of rolling advertising module with LCD monitors, cameras and audio sound system, presentation of products in an attractive way in outdoor and indoor spaces, supermarkets, exhibition halls and more.

• Information about our developments here!